Colour Chart

Paul Seville Colours

Colour Palette
Please note: All colours are approximate & may vary according to the style selected & the nature of the Leather. Further colour options available on request.

  • 01_burnt_black_leather

    Burnt Black Leather

  • PS Burnt Brown Leather

    PS Burnt Brown Leather

  • PS Burnt Claret Leather

    PS Burnt Claret Leather

  • PS Old Gold Leather

  • 10_black_patent_leather

    PS Black Patent Leather

  • 09_wine_patent_leather

    PS Wine Patent Leather

  • PS Liquid Gold Leather

  • 11_ebony_stingray

    PS Ebony Stingray

  • PS Ink Snakeskin

  • 15_wine_snakeskin

    PS Wine Snakeskin

  • 13_black_snakeskin

    PS Black Snakeskin

  • PS Electric Blue Snakeskin

  • 08_antique_lace_leather

    PS Antique Lace Leather

  • 02_black_lace_leather

    PS Black Lace Leather

  • 03_brown_lace_leather

    PS Brown Lace Leather

  • 12_red_lace_leather

    PS Red Lace Leather

Steph Aman Colours

Colour Palette
Please Note: All colours are approximate and slight variations may occur. Silk is a natural fibre and occasionally imperfections can occur in the weave, this contributes to the uniqueness of each design.

  • 01_ink

    SA Ink 100% Silk

  • 02_black

    SA Black 100% Silk

  • 03_spice

    SA Spice 100% Silk

  • 04_slate_grey

    SA Slate Grey 100% Silk

  • 05_old_pink_rose

    SA Old Pink Rose 100% Silk

  • midnight

    SA Midnight 100% Silk

  • claret

    SA Claret 100% Silk

  • 07_antique

    SA Antique 100% Silk

  • 08_black_tulle

    SA Black Tulle 100% Silk

  • 09_antique_tulle

    SA Antique Tulle 100% Silk

  • SA Angel Blood 100% Silk